Urban Bourbon Half Marathon Review

If you are looking for a race that is ALL about the bourbon you NEED to check out Louisville’s Urban Bourbon Half Marathon. Great medals, nice race shirts, and copious amounts of bourbon were the highlights from our race this past weekend. I definitely would like to go back to Louisville to spend more time as a tourist but for me this race was not one I would personally like to do again.

Race morning!

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Self Care Does Not Make You Selfish

As parents Robert and I have learned that we are no longer the priority. We have a little one now whose needs and well being trump any of our desires. However that does not mean we do not get to take some time for self care. We are in better moods and usually have more energy because we feel better physically after we take some time to take care of ourselves in some way, shape, or form. Self care does not make you a selfish parent it makes you a good one! Continue reading

So You Want to Start Running

Recently this amazing thing happened. A few of our family members and friends have decided they want to start running on a consistent basis and have come to us to help them start on the wonderful adventure awaiting them. Most of their questions have been the same so I figured it might be good to get a post out there for all of you who are inspired to get out the door this summer, but have no clue where to start. Hopefully by looking at this post you can feel confident in what you need, what you can skip over, and what you should expect as you start running.

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6 Months of Stroller Strides

Now that we have added Ellie to #TeamMcMILEan we have had to learn how to incorporate stroller running into our training and race life. Thus far it has been an adventure and learning curve to say the least however with the transition of her to sitting up and looking out on runs versus having to be in the car seat looking directly up at the sky I think we are on course for more success. As with so many things in the parenting realm I never knew how DIFFICULT stroller running could be before actually having to do it myself. I am not talking about the physical component of having to push this massive thing in front of you without tripping up as you stride, I am referring to all the other factors that go into it that you probably would never think about (because I sure as heck didn’t) until you have to experience them on a daily basis. Continue reading

Ultra Mindset #6 – The 4:30 AM Rule


It’s been a very long time since I’ve written an article. Shortly before my hiatus, I was in the midst of a multi-part series on Travis Macy’s book, The Ultra Mindset. Mindset number six is entitled, the 4:30 AM rule. My initial reason to delay writing on this article was due to the fact that I myself wasn’t truly living it. Then life got in the way and the short planned hiatus quickly turned into an extended unplanned absence. Well, I’ve been living this principal through and through lately so there is no better time than now to ramp back up and tell people about it.

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My Running #MeToo

So I hesitated a lot before writing this post. Our blog is not really one for serious conversations. Yes I rave about things I love here and I know there are a few lines of complaints when I am not totally in love with something, but this is a serious topic and I worry about writing about it. However I have this beautiful little girl in my life now. Our daughter who I read books to every night, who Robert and I constantly tell that she can be anything and do anything she wants. The little girl who I hope grows up to love running as much as we do. The little girl who will hopefully not have to deal with deciding which running route will make her the least target for an abduction, the one where she can avoid cat calls, maybe enjoy some solo night runs, or *gasp* run in just a sports bra when its over 90 degrees before factoring in humidity and every man is shirtless. This post is dedicated to you Miss Eleanor- hopefully me opening up a bit can bring some light to the issues women face while running so when you grow up, if you want to run, you can do so without the constant worry I know so many of us face each time we lace up. Continue reading