Single Hand Snacking

As Robert and I get back into full training mode our metabolisms always kick back into gear and it becomes a feeding frenzy in our household. On top of that I am trying to produce enough milk to keep Ellie fed. So lately I have been searching for ways take in calories that are actually going to provide me with what I need to get through the day in a quick (and usually one handed) way. I may have even jumped on the smoothie train which I never thought I would. Here’s my recent go to list of quick, but nutritious one handed snacks to help get you through an incredibly busy day and still leave you with enough energy to have a good workout.  Continue reading


Medal Monday

We all know that although we may not run solely for the bling getting an awesome medal as you cross the finish line is icing on the cake after accomplishing your goal. Some road races are known for their medals because of their uniqueness and that can be a factor in deciding what race you will run because there are so many to choose from. After earning the medal though you need to put it somewhere since for some odd reason wearing them around your neck everyday is socially unacceptable. Figuring out how to highlight running accomplishments and display the memories made at those events can be really tricky. Robert and I have lived in four different places since running our first marathon together which means that we have not only had to determine how our medals and race bibs would be showcased, but also where they would reside in each of our abodes. So for this #medalmonday I am revealing our displays- those we bought, were gifted, or made ourselves- and where we have them in our house. Continue reading

The Friday Five

5 miles, 5 days, 5 marathons, 5 races, 5 minutes. I’m all about the alliteration today so on this lovely Friday I’m diving into five things that I’m recently loving or have started looking forward to lately that for some reason all have to do with the number five. Sadly none of them deal with the amazing boy band Five… gosh I hope Ellie will one day know how much better music was with choreographed dances. Continue reading

Tech Tip Thursday: Achievement APP

Running and fitness APPS seem to be flooding my social media these days. Everyone has their own thing- Strava, Nike, MapMyRun, Garmin Connect- and if you’re like me you use multiple apps in correlation to your fitness/training plan. I recently stumbled upon an APP that no matter what platform you use to log your exercise you should definitely have as well. Broken down in its most simplistic form you download the APP, connect it to your other accounts, and then literally do NOTHING. You then get awarded $10 that can be deposited into your PayPal or gift rocket account. Intrigued yet? Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 8.47.06 AM

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Resolution Shaming

It’s that time of year again. The time when people decide to make New Year Resolutions in order to better themselves in some way or another. Concurrently it’s the time when people who do not choose to make their own resolutions take the opportunity to bash people who use this time as a fresh start. We need to stop picking on people for their New Year’s Resolutions and saying “I told you so,” when they hit a road block or fail to break that bad habit. I am not the person to make a resolution each year, but maybe this year we can all agree to try to be more supportive of the people in our lives.happy-new-year-2018-gif-antimated Continue reading

The Girl Who Ran- Book Review

Robert’s cousin Megan bought Thunderfoot the book The Girl Who Ran by Frances Poletti and Kristina Yee, back in August. When I first saw the book I thought well that is so appropriate, a children’s book about running. Then I realized it was about Bobbi Gibb, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon (although she technically was not allowed to do so). After reading the book to Ellie I can honestly say as a mother, runner, history lover, and female I think this is an amazing book to read to any child, but even more so if you are a runner parent and hope to share that passion with your children! 9781943200474

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Holiday Family Fun Challenge

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve which means our first Christmas with Ellie J. and I could not be more excited about it. We tried to take a family run this morning because it was 65 degrees out, but to our dismay the rain started earlier than forecasted and we had to run solo. Although I was somewhat bummed by this set of events it gave me some time to think about my run and take in the surroundings instead of just staring at the beautiful little girl in front of me like I usually do. While looking around in the neighborhoods I was running in I started noticing how many houses were decked out in holiday decor. That’s when I had the marvelous idea of having a Christmas Eve (or day) family scavenger hunt for holiday decor on our run. TeamMcMILEan wants to challenge you and your family to find as many items on the list as well while either walking, running, or biking. No matter how cold it is you can take part in this challenge- bundle up and get some fresh air- you’ll be glad you did when you get the fifth Christmas cookie.

Ellie loves going for runs in her stroller!

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