Orange Mud HyrdaQuiver Vest Pack 2 Review

Vest with Bottles - no pouch

NOTE: As of January 2017, I have been selected to be a brand ambassador for Orange Mud. This article was written in February 2016 and reflects my honest opinion and thoughts of the Vest Pack 2 product and Orange Mud as a company. With that said, I have included an affiliate link that will give me a little kickback for any purchases that occur through it.

The Orange Mud HyrdraQuiver Vest Pack 2 (VP2) is one of numerous unique models in the HyrdraQuiver line. These vests offer a no bounce, lightweight, and comfortable approach to hydration hauling while on the go. In additional to carryting two 25 ounce waterbottles (pockets are expandable with velcro closures at the bottom to hold larger bottles), the VP2 model comes equipped with two elastic shoulder pockets with velcro closures, two chest pockets with draw string style closure (one contains a key hook), and an elastic cord on the back that is perfect for securing a rolled up jacket or even a third water bottle.

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McFarland USA


Last week I finally got to watch the recently made Disney movie McFarland USA. The movie is about coach Jim Wright’s, played by Kevin Costner, journey to a small undesirable city in California. The high school he begins working at serves the largely Latino farming population of the city. He does not last long as the football coach and begins to notice the ability of the students at the school to run miles at a time without any thought. He discovers that the state of California is holding its first ever state cross country meet that year and is able to convince seven of the boys at the school to run for him. Continue reading

Run Gum Performance Gum Review

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[In full disclosure, I am a Run Gum ambassador. I have done my best to provide an unbiased review of this product, but wanted to make it clear from the start that I do have a vested interest in the company. To get 10% off your purchase, use code robertm10 at checkout. This is a unique code to me and will help me earn ambassador prizes as well as more RunGum for myself.]

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