Another Marathon

I am currently training for my fourth marathon. I am working towards the Vermont City Marathon in Burlington, VT over Memorial Day weekend this year. I am extremely excited about it because it will be my third marathon state crossed off the list and my second marathon for this year. I am using another one of Hal Higdon’s training plans to get ready for the race, but am determined to hold myself more accountable to completing as many days of training as possible. In the past I have had some hiccups with my training and although I was able to finish all three of my previous marathons I have yet to break four hours and have set my goal time for May to be 3:55. Obviously I am not going to BQ anytime soon, but if I ever want to get there I need to start working for it seriously now. Besides completing all the scheduled runs this time around I also really want to ensure that I am completing pace runs at the right pace and am actually doing something on cross-training days. I have read a lot about the benefits of adding weight training to the routine 2-3 days a week, but in all honesty can only realistically add a few goals at a time for an increase in my training to actually make this doable. I want to PR this time around and more importantly I want to truly give my all in training this time around to see the overall impact it can have on marathon day and the days leading up to it. I am currently on week two of the eighteen week training plan and have yet to skip a day. With an out of town wedding this weekend it is going to be difficult to get my Saturday and Sunday runs in, but I will find a way to get them done. So far training has been going pretty well, so I just need to keep up the momentum I have and not break my streak. Fingers crossed that I will keep working hard so I can have my best marathon yet in 114 days.




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