Run Gum Performance Gum Review

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[In full disclosure, I am a Run Gum ambassador. I have done my best to provide an unbiased review of this product, but wanted to make it clear from the start that I do have a vested interest in the company. To get 10% off your purchase, use code robertm10 at checkout. This is a unique code to me and will help me earn ambassador prizes as well as more RunGum for myself.]

Run Gum is a brand of energy gum that contains blends of caffeine, taurine, and B vitamins. It was developed by two time Olympian and biochemist Nick Symmonds and his coach, Sam Lapray. I first learned of it when Nick visited a local running shop on  a tour through the northeast. After running a few miles with Nick, everyone present gathered around for a Q and A session. It was here that I learned about Nick’s recent entrepreneurial debut with his new business. Before leaving, he signed some autographs. When I got up to the front of the line, I noticed he had some packets of Run Gum on the table. I jokingly asked if they were for display only. Nick told me absolutely not, and that I should take a pack. The next morning, I tried a piece before my workout and from then on I was hooked.

Robert and Nick SimmondsRobert with Nick after their run around Delaware Park in Buffalo, NY

Run Gum is a tiny hard coated disc that was designed to deliver a quick energy boost without the debilitating effects of a bunch of liquid on the stomach. Because the gum is absorbed through the sublingual gland inside the mouth, it is absorbed into the body much quicker than liquid through the stomach. In my experience, it does just that. I will chew one piece right when I wake up as I get ready for my run. In a few minutes, I’m wide awake and ready to tackle my morning miles. I will also use it before races as a way to sharpen up and get mentally focused. I’ve even used it outside of athletic events on long car rides or during those post-lunch work meetings so I can be sure to stay awake.


Run Gum currently comes in three flavors: fruit, mint, and cinnamon. While I enjoy all three flavors, I would have to say cinnamon is my favorite so far, with fruit close behind in second place. Upon the first bite into the gum, fruit and mint seem to be a bit crumbly, while cinnamon seems to chew much smoother. After the initial few chomps though, all three flavors have the same consistency that one would come to expect from a piece of gum. The gum is good for about 15 minutes of flavor and then it’s probably time to spit it out. With that said though, this was not designed to be a piece of gum with everlasting flavor and a sustained energy release. The intended use is for a quick and immediate energy boost, which I believe it effectively delivers.


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Run Gum can be purchased as a 12 pack box of one flavor (24 pieces) for $22.49 or a 3 pack sampler – one of each flavor (6 pieces) for $5.99. While some people have told me this sounds pricey for gum, if you break down the price on a per piece basis, it only costs between $0.93 and $0.99 per piece, which is cheaper than most cups of coffee. Additionally, a subscription service is available for $17.99 (a 20% discount) in which a 12 pack box of Run Gum will be delivered at the subscriber’s requested frequency (every one, two, or three months). This reduces the per piece cost to only $0.75. The subscription service also includes free shipping and the opportunity to participate in quarterly Q&A calls with Nick Symmonds himself.

Run Gum has changed my training routine and I would love for others to experience the same results. To buy Run Gum, please visit and be sure to use code robertm10 at checkout to get 10% off your order.



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