Mind the Ducks 12 Hour Run Recap

After my Dad passed away unexpectedly last month, I knew I wanted to do a run in honor of him. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew it had to be something that challenged me both physically and mentally. My Dad, a retired Navy SEAL of 20 years, was one of the strongest people I knew and never backed down from a challenge. In my efforts to find the right race to run as a tribute, I came across the Mind the Ducks 12 hour run in Webster, NY. This was a race that started at 7 AM and concluded at 7 PM. During those 12 hours, runners would circle the same 1.012 mile loop around a lake as many times as they could. It just so happened that this event took place two days before my Dad would have turned 65. I immediately knew what race I had to do.

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Allegany Adventure Run

Race season is FINALLY here and I could not be happier about it. The months of winter training have proven themselves worth it as we have launched into our second consecutive weekend of races. Today we raced the Allegany Adventure Run for the second year in a row and although I am extremely sore right now it was definitely worth it once again. The race offers three different distance options so everyone who wants to participate has an option available to them including a 6K, 13K and 27K that all start and finish at the Summit Trail Head in Allegany State Park. Robert and I both ran the 27K today although we think the mileage was slightly less than a 27K (our watches were closer to 15 miles instead of 16.75).  Continue reading