Medi-Dyne ProStretch Plus Review


[NOTE: As of February 2017, I have been selected to be a brand ambassador for Medi-Dyne. I have done my best to provide an unbiased opinion of this product. With that said, as an ambassador I have been given a discount code to share. For 20% off your Medi-Dyne purchase, use code ARM20 at checkout.]

When it comes to running and training (for any event of any distance), most people know that they need to put in the mileage to achieve their goals. They need to wake up early and lace up their shoes or find the energy to get out the door after a long day at work. Another key part that many people often overlook (and I myself am very guilty of this as well) is putting in the proper work AFTER the run. I’m talking about stretching. There are several key muscle groups within the leg and foot that help propel us through our athletic pursuits. These muscles need to be maintained and cared for if we expect them to keep up with the rigors we put them through during our training. Medi-Dyne has just the product to make sure you not only give these muscles the attention they need, but that you do so effectively and efficiently as well. 

The ProStretch Plus by Medi-Dyne is a unique device that offers a deep and biomechanically correct stretch for the entire lower leg, including the calves, hamstrings, Achilles tendons, and plantar fascia. Through a few simple exercises, one can easily incorporate this device into their post workout routine to help create and maintain flexibility in several key muscle groups. As Medi-Dyne likes to point out on their website, a breakdown in any one of the important muscle groups of the legs and foot can create a disastrous domino effect of injury and recovery, ultimately leading to time off your feet.

The rocker design coupled with the adjustable toe lift and heel cup allows for a customized fit for each user. This feature really dials in the optimal foot position required to achieve an effective stretch of the muscles of the lower leg and foot. The wide base of the ProStretch Plus means that even those people with wider feet will have no problem using this product. As already mentioned, the toe lift and heel cups are fully adjustable, securing themselves into the holes of the ProStretch with the sturdy plastic prongs found on the underside of each piece. This means that any foot from the smallest child’s up to and including a size 14 can utilize this product effectively. The ProStretch Plus is listed as having a weight limit of 300 lbs.


The toe lift and heel cup removed to show the prongs that secure them to the ProStretch Plus


The ProStretch Plus comes with a diagram of different stretch techniques and also directs users to their website where supplementary videos of the proper techniques can also be found. I personally found the stretches to be easy to grasp and quick to perform. My favorite aspect, and what I believe truly separates this product from others and even traditional stand-alone stretching techniques, is the toe lift and heel cup. Once you have found the optimal placement of these two pieces, you can REALLY feel the stretch working in your plantar fascia. It’s almost like doing two stretches at once when you can stretch the plantar fascia while performing other stretching routines at the same time. Of course, the toe lift is removable and adjustable in case you don’t want to stretch the plantar fascia at all or want to progress the degree of stretch over time as you become more flexible. The heel cup should be left in place even if not using the toe lift as it helps to “lock” the foot into the device and keep it secure while going through a stretching routine.


The paperwork that comes with the ProStretch Plus


I’ve struggled with some ankles problems over the last few years. While the ProStretch Plus is not primarily targeted towards ankle pain, it does offer some stretching techniques for building up ankle strength and range of motion. While I haven’t completely eliminated my ankle problems and the pain from them, I have noticed improvement in mobility and reduction in post long run pain after incorporating the ProStretch Plus into my post run stretching routine.

To summarize, I’m a fan of the ProStretch Plus. The lightweight, compact, and easy to use design make this device a great tool in the injury prevention arsenal. The rewards from incorporating a task as simple as stretching greatly outweigh the risks of not doing so. Medi-Dyne has the tools available to help keep your legs and feet operating like the well oiled machine they are meant to be. Head over to the Medi-Dyne website now and use code ARM20 at checkout to get 20% off.


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