Podcast Running

*Disclaimer: Robert was right and I am openly admitting that into cyberspace where I know he can cite this for eternity.

I have never been a huge fan of running with headphones in. When Robert and I run together we talk or just enjoy being together and on my daily runs I never really found the need to listen to music. With our move to Tennessee and our work schedules changing most of our daily runs have switched to being completed on our own because the timing just doesn’t work out for us to put in miles together. So in order to get himself through the void of my rousing conversation at 4:30 AM Robert started listening to podcasts when he ran.

Now I need to back up a little… he had begun listening to podcasts BEFORE our ride down here. We had always listened to audiobooks together on the long drive from Buffalo to Chattanooga in the past, but when we were in two separate cars on the way down here he thought podcasts would be a great option. I tried listening to them in the car, but just did not really get into them that trip so I kind of wrote them off.

Back to Robert. He has always had a problem with wearing earbuds, but was able to find a pair of bluetooth headphones he absolutely loves so he was all set to listen to podcasts while running without me. (On yet another side note I love that he wears these on the trails when he is by himself because it means I can call him and he can easily pick up his phone, which really comes in handy when he is out by himself for 6 hours). He kept telling me about how great it was to listen to podcasts both when he ran and when he drove to work each day. I was not buying in. I would not give it a chance- I simply thought that I would not get interested in them and that I was fine running my usual way.


So putting aside my stubbornness and thanks to his perseverance I started to think about the fact that I could LEARN while I was RUNNING. I don’t have the time to read as much as I would like to and the idea that I may be able to hear a new story while I was running intrigued me. I already run with my phone in my Orange Mud Gear Quiver so that I can have Strava going so it’s not like I was going to have to start running with my phone to make this happen. One night I was flipping through an issue of Cosmo (yes, it has actual articles), when I came across a column of new recommended podcasts including one called Crimetown about organized crime and how it has oftentimes worked hand in hand with politics in the United States. I  decided to give it a chance the next afternoon on my run without telling Robert ahead of time. Before giving him the chance to say, “I told you so,” I wanted to ensure I was converted. Well, after one run and one episode I was. Not only have I started listening to podcasts when I am running without Robert beside me, but I have also started listening to them (and audiobooks) on my way to and from work each day. I now get to run and learn at the same time, which means I am fueling two of my passions at the same time. Listening to stories also makes the time pass by so much quicker as I am running while at the same time allowing me to stay a little bit more focused on my run. Now some people will think, “well, I run to clear my head” or “I like to zone out on my runs.” Now that is fine, but when I am on trails on the sides of mountains sometimes it isn’t a great idea for me to completely get lost in thought and not pay attention to the world around me. Also as sad as it is to say, I am a female and need to be paying attention to what is going on simply because we live in the world we do.

The magazine article that helped me find Crimetown. 

So I am a true convert and I have my wonderful husband to thank for that. There are a ton of reasons I think you should give podcasts a try if you haven’t yet and do not mind running with headphones in.

  1. The beauty of podcasts is that no matter what you are interested in content wise there is a podcast for you. Robert listens to a gamut of podcasts every week spanning the range of fiction to board games and then back to running. Some of his favorites include: Trail Runner Nation, Bronzeville, The Dice Tower, Shut Up & Sit Down, We’re Alive, Side Hustle School and the Orange Mud Adventure Channel… I like more of the historical side of things, but do get really motivated listening to running related podcasts as well (I also have not been listening as long as he has to accrue as many favorites) however my list would also include Bronzeville and the Orange Mud Adventure Channel, but also Crimetown.
  2. Second of all you can get podcasts of all different time lengths to match your usual work out time and if you are listening to one consistently it is usually about the same length every time.
  3. You can download them onto your phone (or subscribe and they will automatically download when you’re on WiFi and a new one gets released) when you have WiFi and then play them on your run without using data. They also automatically delete after you listen to them so you do not have to worry about taking up all the space on your phone.
  4. You can set up “play next” so if you have some shorter podcasts and do not want to have to stop along your run and fiddle with your phone to start a new one you can make a whole playlist ahead of time and they will just keep playing as one finishes.
  5. Have I mentioned you can LEARN while you are exercising?! I mean think about how long you exercise and how many different things you could learn about in that amount of time. The teacher in me must promote this simply on that fact alone.
All about the headphones lately as I am currently catching up on the Orange Mud Adventure Channel series during my post work runs. 


Do you listen to podcasts? Do you have a favorite either Robert or I should try?! Let us know because we are always looking for a new one to try (especially since our commutes have gotten longer after moving into our new house). If you do not and you give it a try I would love to know what you think. Be advised I would try three different podcasts (of various topics) before giving up on it, I didn’t really have success with the first one I tried but am so happy I gave it another shot.

Happy running!


4 thoughts on “Podcast Running

  1. I LOVE podcasts for my commute! I’m currently listening to S-Town, which I’m sure everyone has heard of. I also enjoy lesser known docudramas called Black Tapes and Tanis. Both are Pacific Northwest Stories and have a sort of supernatural component to them, but they seem real. Trail Runner Nation (which you mentioned) and Ultrarunner Podcast are go tos for me also.

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    1. I just finished S-Town and loved it. I also recently listened to the Black Tapes and quite enjoyed them as well. If you are into the zombie genre even a little bit I highly recommend We’re Alive. It has very high production value and a compelling story that draws you in. There is quite a bit of content as well.


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