Trying Something New!

I am all about new experiences and ever since running the Zooma Annapolis  1/2 marathon and hearing about the awesome runs and mini events other racers had virtually I have been more and more intrigued to try a virtual race with friends. Especially with so many of my friends and family being spread throughout the country I feel like a virtual race would be an amazing way for us all to connect with one another and help each other achieve our goals. Recently I discovered the Sea to Shining Sea Virtual Race. This is a completely virtual race that takes place throughout the week from September 17th-23rd. You can run, walk, or hike, a 5k, 10k, or half on road, trail, track, or wherever YOU prefer. Set your goal for yourself, pick your location, and then go out and make it happen! I think by this point in September- when I will be 32 weeks pregnant- I am setting my goal at a 5k that I am going to run/walk and I want to see how many of YOU I can get to complete a goal of your own with me! Abigail2

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Tips for Crewing a Race

I love to run races, but I also really enjoy helping Robert successfully complete his goals by crewing for him. He loves to say that I could rent myself out for races as someone’s crew because I am so efficient, however I think it is just because I know him so well that I can anticipate his needs and have that planned for before he gets to the next aid station. Crewing for someone can present potential challenges, but can really make a race much more enjoyable and manageable for a runner if it is done correctly. Here’s my top ten list of tips to be a helpful member of a race crew to make the day or weekend a success for your runner while keeping your own sanity.

My two runners this weekend. 

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2Toms Blister Shield Review

Blister Shield Bottle Front

[NOTE: As of February 2017, I have been selected to be a brand ambassador for Medi-Dyne. I have done my best to provide an unbiased opinion of this product. With that said, as an ambassador I have been given a discount code to share. For 20% off your Medi-Dyne purchase, use code ARM20 at checkout.]

Blisters, nobody likes them, yet everyone seems to get them at some point in their running journey. Many have written them off as a necessary evil with nothing to be done except suffer through them until they callous over. With the weather warming up and the sweat pouring down, wet feet are almost a given. Wet feet are a haven for blisters as the skin dampens and creates a prime area for blisters to form. The logical solution is to try and find a way to keep your feet dry. But dry feet aren’t enough to prevent all blisters. In fact, dry unprotected feet can be just as bad as they create a friction zone where the shoe rubs the skin and forms a blister. So what are we runners to do about this conundrum? Get our feet wet and we get blisters. Keep our feet dry and we get blisters. Enter 2Toms Blister Shield, a product that can help keep your feet dry and simultaneously reduce friction, keeping hot spots at bay.

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Breaking the Routine

In the past month or so I have gone on multiple runs which resulted in Robert saying, “You have to take me there!” After thinking about it for a bit I realized that my schedule and current training plan are allowing me to step off MY beaten path and try someone else’s much more often then I used to do. Oftentimes Robert and I will run one of the same five routes that we cycle through although there are countless options of different places around us to run. However as I have recently been trying lots of new places I have come home excited about a four mile run simply because I get to tell him about the new place I traversed as we check the elevation profile, comparing it to other routes of similar distances in the area. I realized how monotonous running becomes and how quickly that can happen for people who then lose sight of the joy running can bring. However exploring new places on foot is one of the amazing benefits of running and breaking out of the normal routine is a great way to spice up your workout, bring some enjoyment/excitement back to it, and  help you explore where you live. Continue reading