Trying Something New!

I am all about new experiences and ever since running the Zooma Annapolis  1/2 marathon and hearing about the awesome runs and mini events other racers had virtually I have been more and more intrigued to try a virtual race with friends. Especially with so many of my friends and family being spread throughout the country I feel like a virtual race would be an amazing way for us all to connect with one another and help each other achieve our goals. Recently I discovered the Sea to Shining Sea Virtual Race. This is a completely virtual race that takes place throughout the week from September 17th-23rd. You can run, walk, or hike, a 5k, 10k, or half on road, trail, track, or wherever YOU prefer. Set your goal for yourself, pick your location, and then go out and make it happen! I think by this point in September- when I will be 32 weeks pregnant- I am setting my goal at a 5k that I am going to run/walk and I want to see how many of YOU I can get to complete a goal of your own with me! Abigail2

How it works: In order to participate in the virtual race all you have to do ahead of time is register. Then during the week of September 17th-23rd pick a day and complete your run/walk/hike where you choose. You do not have a cut off time so complete the event at any pace that works for you. If it turns out to be terrible weather or you just prefer being in air conditioning, an indoor track or treadmill are completely acceptable places to get your goal accomplished. Wherever YOU are comfortable YOU complete the race. I know for some people signing up and completing a race with a lot of strangers is extremely intimidating and the beautiful part of a virtual race is that it is meant to allow you to still feel the accomplishment of completing a race, but take off the stress and provide you an opportunity to run a distance and location that you are most comfortable with to ensure your success.

What Do I Get?: As runners we always want to know about the SWAG! As a participant in the race you will receive a race bib, t-shirt, and a medal to show off your accomplishment. It’s a big deal and you should be proud of it!

This is the sketch of the finishers medal for this year! 

How do I Track my Distance and Submit my Results? Any GPS or fitness tracker (FitBit, Garmin Watch, Apple Watch) or a fitness tacking app on your phone (I love Strava) can help you to track your distance as you run.  When you are done with your race just take a quick picture of the mileage on whatever device you have chosen to use, submit it, and you will be added to the official results list. If you are someone who does not integrate technology into their exercise it is not a problem! The race uses the honor system. If you tell them that you finished your distance without photographic evidence they will still believe you and add you to the finisher list as well! Just make sure you submit your results by September 28th! If you need help figuring out what your route should be use MapMyRun ahead of time to plan out your distance, drive around your neighborhood in your car and watch your odometer, or simply go to a park and check the distance at a trail head map to help figure out how to get in those miles… if none of those things seem manageable for you contact me I will do my best to help out!

Intrigued? I hope so! I would absolutely LOVE for y’all to complete a distance with me throughout this week. If you are in the Chattanooga area and would like to challenge yourself I would love to have a post race celebration with you to share our accomplishments together and maybe even complete the race together. If you are not in the Chattanooga area I would be extremely excited if you shared your race story and pictures with me on that day. Setting a goal and having people around you help to hold you accountable can really be beneficial when you are trying something new!

Okay I’m In How Do I Register? Simply click here to register. Register BEFORE August 1st if you want a cheaper race. Hurry over to RunSeatoShiningSea for more information if you need it. If you are someone like me who loves when races include their runners’ opinions to make them better you will love having the ability to make your voice count in choosing t-shirt colors for the race. Just make sure your vote is in by June 30th! The first SIX people who register with me by August 1st are going to get an extra 15% off by using the code LDR725 (you will have a section to enter the promo code when you click check out on your registration page).

Please please please make sure to let me know if you are going to run any distance with me throughout that week! I would love to check in on your training progress, hear about your plans for where and when you are running, and celebrate your accomplishment with you.

Happy Running!


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