2Toms Stink Free Shoe and Gear Spray Review

Stink Free Spray Front[NOTE: As of February 2017, I have been selected to be a brand ambassador for Medi-Dyne. I have done my best to provide an unbiased opinion of this product. With that said, as an ambassador I have been given a discount code to share. For 20% off your Medi-Dyne purchase, use code ARM20 at checkout.]

So you’ve just come back from a run, taken your shoes and pack off, and put them in the sun to dry. The next day you go to grab them and sure enough they are dry, but they also reek. The stench of miles and miles of sweat, mud, gunk, and grime tends to cling and embed itself into the fabric of all our favorite gear. Well, those days are behind us. 2Toms has crated Stink Free Shoe and Gear Spray to eliminate the odors that cause us to curl up our nose, hold our breath, and say a little prayer as we wait for ourselves to “acclimate” to the very stench we ourselves were responsible for creating.

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The Importance of Long and Short Term Goals

No matter whether you are a runner or not it is important to have long and short term goals for your future. Robert and I are planners by nature- sometimes too much, but in the last year and a half we have come to realize that there are many things you cannot plan for in life. However with all the uncertainties in life we have learned that having both long and short term goals helps us to stay on track and motivated no matter what life throws our way.

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Disney Lover Runners

As someone who has been to Disney World numerous times and has an affinity to breaking out into movie soundtracks at any given moment I am the perfect demographic for runDisney events. Robert, Andy and I ran marathon weekend two years ago and since then I have been trying to figure out who I can convince to go run a different race weekend there with me. This post isn’t exactly about runDisney and its events though- its about two companies I wish I had known about before running the two days of the Goofy Challenge for Disney workout apparel and registration simplicity.

Starting off the morning of the half marathon nice and early.

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Figuring Out the Compromise

After we got engaged everyone started telling Robert and I, “marriage is compromise.” As if he had not learned that giving into my bull headed personality sometimes was easier and I had not experienced the joy of doing something simply to make Robert smile. Now that we are pregnant the new wisdom people have been bestowing on us is that “our life is going to change.” Not to be rude or seem ungrateful, but do people really think that we are naive enough that we have not realized that starting our family is going to mean that our priorities and responsibilities will be different? Obviously we know our life is going to look different after our baby enters into this world. That doesn’t mean we are going to stop doing the thing we love most or fail to share that with our son or daughter.

The night we got engaged and the “advice” started!

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Workout Woes

I love working out. I always have appreciated the feeling of a good sweat. However there are some types of exercise I absolutely cannot stand to take part in even though they are similar to other activities I love. Maybe I’m doing them wrong, maybe I simply lack the mental fortitude to push through it. I have my likes and dislikes and then there are those workouts I absolutely loathe.  Continue reading