Workout Woes

I love working out. I always have appreciated the feeling of a good sweat. However there are some types of exercise I absolutely cannot stand to take part in even though they are similar to other activities I love. Maybe I’m doing them wrong, maybe I simply lack the mental fortitude to push through it. I have my likes and dislikes and then there are those workouts I absolutely loathe. 

My favorite ways to get sweaty are obviously led by running. Trail running is my all time favorite. Getting lost in the woods and clamoring up a mountain are the best ways to spend an afternoon and get my muscles firing. Road running suffices when I do not have the time to hit the trails either because of distance to the trails or a limited amount of time to get my workout in. Robert definitely prefers me to run roads when I’m by myself simply because he believes it is safer for me. We are also blessed to have the Chattanooga Riverwalk along the Tennessee River to make hitting the pavement during rush hour a safe alternative. Trails also help us to alleviate the impact on our bodies which pavement loves to affect us with. We love running trails, are content with running on roads, but DESPISE running on a treadmill. We actually call treadmill workouts dreadmill days. The shortest run on a treadmill can seem unbearable whilst ten miles on pavement in the heat does not affect me mentally half as much. The treadmill is bearable if and only if I am at the gym and there is either a good movie or sporting event on the TV in front of me to keep me occupied. I know it can be great for speed/interval training, I know it can be a better alternative when traveling, and I know some people have a lot of success using them on a consistent basis. I just can’t. So what am I missing? Am I doing something wrong? I am in Nashville for another few days which means a few more treadmill runs to start my day. Any advice on how to turn them from dreadmill to treadmill would be greatly appreciated!

Along with running I also absolutely love to climb. Since becoming pregnant I have been focusing on bouldering because wearing a harness has become uncomfortable and I also feel like it would make the baby uncomfortable too (please note that I know I can’t squish my baby right now, I am simply being an overprotective and overconcerned mother). I love climbing because it is such a great arm and back workout. It is also a mental workout when you are trying to solve the problems set on the wall. It is my absolute favorite way to keep my arms and back in shape. Although having muscles is obviously a huge help when it comes to climbing I absolutely hate free weights. Going into the weight room at the gym is just pointless to me. Maybe I am just being dramatic. I do remember that free weights were always better when I used to go to classes at my old gym. When I wake up the day after a good climb and I feel that strong burn in my arms I feel so good. I know I could also get that from traditional weight exercises however I cannot get myself to do them.

Cardio wise I also enjoy riding a bike if I am able to have a destination or if I just have someone with me, however I am not the person who goes out for a ride on my own simply to get mileage in. I have never really been a big walker either (Robert and I both struggle with cross training days unless we climb if you have not deduced that yet). I don’t mind going on walks with my mom and dad, aunt, or Kitty in the afternoon or evening along with my daily run. After moving into our neighborhood and getting pregnant Robert and I have also been trying to incorporate post dinner walks around our neighborhood and pond. It not only helps me digest and the baby gets comfortable, but it also is a really nice way for us to get in some exercise together since we have not been able to get in a lot of exercise together because of pregnancy and work schedules. However simply going on a walk by myself to get my cardio in does not seem very appealing. Robert and I tried walking as a form of crosstraining while training for our first marathon. We literally could not handle it.

So what gives? Why is it that although I can enjoy certain aspects of an exercise other parts just completely turn me away with fear of monotony? Maybe it isn’t a big deal. Maybe we don’t have to enjoy all forms of exercise as long as there are some we do enjoy. What do you love to do to burn a sweat? What do you refuse to do when it comes to exercise? I know I can’t be the only one with certain workout aversions… I hope!

Happy running!


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