Keeping up my end of the bargain.

Obviously I’ve been a little busy with the start of school and growing this tiny human inside of me. However I’ve really been trying to maintain some cardio throughout this last trimester. With that though I have had to accept the fact that running really isn’t an option anymore for me. At first I really tried to fight it. Then I remembered that this whole time I kept promising everyone that I was listening to my body and only running when it felt good. When it was time to keep up my end of the bargain it was definitely a tougher part of pregnancy mentally for me, but I think it has made me stronger in the long run which will carry over not only into future runs but more importantly into this new adventure we are about to start! img_2651

Consistently running throughout the week has been a part of my life for about six years now. Suddenly not having that has definitely been a shock to my system. Obviously my body has had about a billion shocks in the past 34 weeks, but I think the mental impact was what I had to deal with the most and what I think I am finally overcoming as I get excited about being able to take the baby for walks and being the mom in a Zooma half with a running stroller (which we still haven’t gotten if any kind soul wants to help us out with that). If nothing else having to take this time off has led me to really be grateful for every little bit of a run I can get in. Hopefully I can remember that thankfulness when I am climbing another hill on the Cumberland in the future.

Robert and I had been climbing until about 27 weeks. We would still go once a week after school and I would boulder because we didn’t want me to put pressure on my stomach with the harness. When the doctor told me I had to stop it was a tough pill to swallow, but at the same time I had kind of expected it. Let’s just stay it was getting pretty difficult to complete routes when I couldn’t reach across my body so I wasn’t shocked when she told me it was time to put the chalk away for a while. It was almost easier for her to tell me not to climb anymore. I wasn’t the one making the decision that I couldn’t do something anymore- I was just following my doctor’s orders. I’ve always been fairly good at listening when a doctor tells me not to push on an injury so this was a similar situation that I could mentally process.

Around week 29 I started to have some pain in my abdomen when I would run. At first I wasn’t too concerned, pushing through a little discomfort is nothing unusual and throughout my pregnancy I dealt with it in small waves on runs that I could get to pass as long as I walked a bit. On one after school run though I went for about three quarters of a mile before facing excruciating pain. I started walking for about a half mile, but it would not pass. This was the first time I was scared in my pregnancy. I was out on a short loop and I just needed to get back to my car, I realized then that I had pushed too much. This was not going to be a three mile run- it wasn’t even going to be a three mile walk. Right then and there all I wanted was to make sure I didn’t do anything dumb to harm Thunderfoot. I got back to the car and sat for a bit until the pain dissipated. At that point I knew it was time to think about what I’ve been telling everyone this whole time…. I had promised I would listen to my body and now it was time to pay up.

That was the last run I tried to complete and it was also the last cardio I have done outside of the neighborhood. Since then I have stuck to walking the 1/2 mile loop around the subdivision so I can always get water or sit on the porch for a bit if need be. Every now and then I squeeze in a quarter of a mile of running during a lap, but there are also some days where I can barely walk a mile without discomfort so I stop. Listening to my body has been a doable task, but it definitely has been a mental struggle. Although I know this is what I need to be doing right now to take care of thunderfoot and myself I also am a runner and although FOMO has not been raising its ugly head as much as usual, it still pops up every so often. I’ve learned that being jealous of people training or running races is dumb. Yes, to everyone rolling their eyes at me right now I am JEALOUS of your training runs. I get the best reward at the end of this forty week race and I have to keep that in mind when I see race pictures posted or hear someone talk about the great weekend long run they completed on a trail. I also am trying to simply appreciate weekend mornings where I can get up and have an actual breakfast- not just a half of a bagel covered in peanut butter before heading out the door. This hasn’t been easy and I know it has put Robert in a weird place running wise too. He still wants to get his runs in, but knowing that I have been struggling with my current state he tries to not go all the time so as to be considerate of my own feelings on the situation. I’m just blessed that my husband is aware and thoughtful enough to consider my feelings throughout this whole situation.

I may have been spoiled too much at the beginning of my pregnancy with my ability to maintain my active lifestyle. When I had to put it on the back burner for a bit it was a larger struggle than I thought it would be. However TeamMcMILEan will be back together soon with a new member that will be worth the dust currently covering my trail shoes. I have both the Chattanooga Half Marathon and the Zooma Austin Half Marathon scheduled for the beginning of March and can’t wait to start training for those. I would love to run my first race or two back on the pavement with y’all by my side so check out our discount page for links to both of those races and discount codes for you to use during registration.

Happy running!


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