Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are a great time to show the people in your life that you care and most of us do so by scratching our heads to try and figure out the PERFECT gift to match someone’s personality. If, like me, you have yet to decide what the ultimate gift might be for someone you treasure have no fear. The following is my list of my top four gift ideas for the runner or athlete in your life in both the stocking stuffer and under the tree categories. I do realize this list is a little late with Christmas next weekend, but it is better late than never. Have someone who keeps saying this year will be the one where they actually achieve their “workout” New Year’s Resolution? Get them a gift that will support their ambition and maybe you can be part of the reason they are able to accomplish that goal!

Stocking Stuffers 

Looking for something small that you can toss into a stocking, that will also not break the bank? The following are my go to:

Packets of Run Gum- great for anyone who needs a caffeine boost but does not want liquid. The perfect thing to get you through a mid afternoon crash or simply to get your muscles ready to go for your workout. They just came out with a new formula that makes it chew more like traditional gum, too. Check out the link in our discounts page to try it out!

Scratch Hydration serving size mixes– these are great to have during a run or race when you need to refill your bottle, but do not want to just have water. These are also a great way to try out the different flavors without committing to the large bag of the mix in case you are not sure which one that special someone in your life would prefer. Robert has a whole review of ScratchLabs Exercise Hydration mix for you to read up on, too.

Socks (I prefer Swiftwick for running)- you could go multiple sizes here too because trail running bodes well for crew length whereas I’m all about ankle socks for road running.

Gaitors- Robert bought me gaitors for my trail sneakers a few Christmases ago and it was a great present. They are a wonderful way to keep mud, rocks, and sticks from getting into your shoes out on the trails. You can find lots of custom ones on Etsy that might perfectly suit the person you are thinking of.

Under the Tree Presents 

Water Bottles/ Hydration Packs- If you have read any of our blog posts you probably already know that Robert and I are obsessed with the entire line of OrangeMud hydration packs. They truly have a pack that is great no matter what stage/type of runner you are. We have a reviews of the HydraQuiver  and Gear Quiver,  However a traditional handheld water bottle is also a great gift for runners just starting out.

Transition Seat Wrap- Another OrangeMud product we prefer not to live without. This is perfect for anyone in your life who gets hot and sweaty away from home. Simply put it over your headrest and it is securely over your seat, it also tightens around you if you need to change on the side of your car but do not want to give everyone around you a show. Love this product.

Strava Premium Subscription- I love running with Strava. We both use the free version, but there have been multiple times we have thought about upgrading to the paid Premium version. There are lots of features with the Premium subscription (that runs $5 a month if you subscribe for the year) like goal setting, a heart rate monitor, pace and race analysis, but the one we are most interested in is the beacon feature. As trail runners we do worry about each other out on the trails alone and having the ability to literally see where the other is on their run is definitely a safety feature to consider paying for. Strava is a great gift for runners and cyclers alike.

Race Registration- There is nothing more motivating to me than having actually paid for a race. Once I actually get myself registered and payment has occurred there is little that will prevent me from finishing the miles come race day. Although no one has ever bought me race registration (no Robert, day of registration does not count) I would imagine that would motivate me to train even more because I would not want them to have wasted their money. A lot of times the cost of a race is the reason that someone may not enter which is definitely a sad reality, especially when it comes to what Robert and I consider to be “experience” races (those that you run knowing you probably will not PR, but that are bucket list runs). My friend Andrea’s husband who bought her an entry into the Disney Wine and Dine Half one year as a surprise and I totally commend him on it. They both ran the race together and had a great time. If you want to go this route I would consider the following factors:

  1. Choose a logical distance for the person- a few months is good notice for a half marathon, you might want to pick a full marathon no sooner than five months out for someone who is not a full fledged runner yet.
  2. Stay local- Local races provide a lot of people who can support that runner and it makes logistics much easier for that person to figure out.
  3. Choose a destination you have been wanting to travel to- I know this completely contradicts #2, but if this is for a spouse/significant other races provide great reasons to take a long weekend somewhere new.
  4. Pick an experience race- any Run Disney event would fall into this category, I would also throw the Rock n Roll series into this category. These are usually more expensive than typical marathons and half marathons, but you are paying for more than a typical marathon in this case.
  5. Check their schedule!- Talk to that person and make sure there is not a big life event or business trip they have already scheduled for that date.

If you have been struggling for a gift idea I hope these have helped. I may have used one or two of them this year and I am crossing my fingers the recipients will love them as much as I would!

Happy Running!



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