Holiday Family Fun Challenge

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve which means our first Christmas with Ellie J. and I could not be more excited about it. We tried to take a family run this morning because it was 65 degrees out, but to our dismay the rain started earlier than forecasted and we had to run solo. Although I was somewhat bummed by this set of events it gave me some time to think about my run and take in the surroundings instead of just staring at the beautiful little girl in front of me like I usually do. While looking around in the neighborhoods I was running in I started noticing how many houses were decked out in holiday decor. That’s when I had the marvelous idea of having a Christmas Eve (or day) family scavenger hunt for holiday decor on our run. TeamMcMILEan wants to challenge you and your family to find as many items on the list as well while either walking, running, or biking. No matter how cold it is you can take part in this challenge- bundle up and get some fresh air- you’ll be glad you did when you get the fifth Christmas cookie.

Ellie loves going for runs in her stroller!

So another difference between the north and the south that I have really come to like is the detail of the Christmas decorations in Tennessee. Up in Buffalo we all know that Christmas lights must be put out right after Thanksgiving (or before) to ensure that they can be securely fastened into the ground and house before the winter weather arrives. Northerners are also limited to what types of decor they can set up because of the weather. I am not bashing the abilities of my northern kin to decorate- you simply cannot do certain things when you have had situations like the blizzard of ’77, the October Storm, and that time there was eight feet of snow in one night- THE WALL OF SNOW… insert dramatic music. Anyway until I moved to the land of beautiful green mountains and warm weather I never got to experience all the little details of exterior decorating. I’m telling you it is a whole new world down here when it comes to Christmas- it’s not just lights and blow up figures- it’s candy canes lining walkways and outdoor holiday throw pillows on the patio set amongst a myriad of other things.

So keeping in mind the various climates we all live in I want to try to keep the scavenger hunt list as fair as possible so some things are strictly holiday decorations and some are just Christmas/winterish things. Take some pictures along the way of what you are marking off your list and share them in our comments although the honor system for point totals will be in effect. Let’s get a healthy competition going over the next few days and see how much holiday spirit we can find while getting in some exercise.

Scavenger Hunt List & Points 

Untitled drawing

We are really excited to try this out tomorrow after Church. We hope we get some challengers! Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful start to 2018.

Ellie DOES NOT count as your Snowman point, but thanks to Aunt Elaine she is ready for the hunt tomorrow. 

Happy Running!


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