Resolution Shaming

It’s that time of year again. The time when people decide to make New Year Resolutions in order to better themselves in some way or another. Concurrently it’s the time when people who do not choose to make their own resolutions take the opportunity to bash people who use this time as a fresh start. We need to stop picking on people for their New Year’s Resolutions and saying “I told you so,” when they hit a road block or fail to break that bad habit. I am not the person to make a resolution each year, but maybe this year we can all agree to try to be more supportive of the people in our lives.happy-new-year-2018-gif-antimated As I said I am not one to make a resolution on New Year’s Day each year. I have goals constantly throughout the year (see my post on the importance of short and long term goals) and am constantly working to achieve them and set new ones. That’s how I remain motivated throughout the year. I also have way too many things I want to make better in my life to wait until the calendar changes every 365 days. The new year does provide me with the opportunity to reset my running log to zero miles though which is nice because I love seeing how many miles I can get in throughout a calendar year. I am going to try to take advantage of the fresh start in my running log for the year to be better about ensuring each of my runs actually gets logged- I wouldn’t consider this to be a “resolution” though. I know some people who really benefit from having a resolution to start off the New Year. More power to those of you who do make resolutions because I feel as though most people just expect you to fail or give up by President’s Day (and that’s a long timeframe) which does not start you off in a very supportive environment to reach your goals.

new year new you

So why does the resolution shaming start in the first place? I think it might be because some people feel as though they should be making a change in their own daily routine, but do not want to put in the effort to do so. They then choose to bash those around them who have the will to try to better themselves in some way or another. For a lot of people the fear of failure is too much for them to even try. Bashing could even be resulting from jealousy that others have the strength to set a goal, make it known, and then actually work towards it. No matter what the reason, people need to stop hating on Resolutions. This also means that if you make a Resolution to do something or act a certain way then you should not mock yourself or say that your goal is unattainable. If you don’t believe in yourself no change will ever happen. Do not diminish your plans or any progress that you make towards them. Setbacks are always going to happen, but self-shaming doesn’t have to follow.

You are not going to start the journey towards your goal being the best at whatever you are trying- you might not even be mediocre to start. Do not compare yourself to others who have been at whatever you are trying a long time. People say things to Robert and I all the time like, “oh well I only ran two miles I know that is nothing for you guys…” Newsflash people when you are starting to try out running two miles is a HUGE deal. This also makes Robert and I feel somewhat self-counscious. Our whole goal of this blog and all our running posts in general is to inspire others that they can be passionate about being fit and being in the outdoors- not to make people feel like they are lesser simply because they do not run the same mileage as us in a week. The funny thing is I do the same thing when Robert and I are setting our goal races for the year. He chooses to set goals of distances that usually double or triple my own which makes my own self-conscious self feel like my races are lesser. They are not. If your goal is a 5k and you tell your running friends about that they are more likely then not going to be so elated you are getting into running that they will be like a proud parent about your hard work and eventual accomplishment. Your goal is for you, not other people. Know that people who are passionate about something will still want to talk to you about it and cheer you on even if you don’t think you meet their level (of ability or craziness-I mean passion-for something).


Here’s to 2018 and all the new opportunities it provides. To all of you setting forth with a new goal or mentality for the year I wish you all the luck and fortitude in the world. Know that there will obviously be difficulties in attaining your goal, but if it was easy enough to do without them you would have attained them a long time ago. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish I’m here cheering you on- stay positive even in the setbacks.

Happy running!


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