The Friday Five

5 miles, 5 days, 5 marathons, 5 races, 5 minutes. I’m all about the alliteration today so on this lovely Friday I’m diving into five things that I’m recently loving or have started looking forward to lately that for some reason all have to do with the number five. Sadly none of them deal with the amazing boy band Five… gosh I hope Ellie will one day know how much better music was with choreographed dances. Five miles. So I am finally getting back into my daily running- or at least close to it. However my daily mileage is still teetering around 3-4 miles. I understand I’m still coming back from that whole pregnancy and giving birth thing, but I just want to be back at the point where my daily run is 5 miles. That number is just something I had worked hard to get to, but did not truly appreciate until now. I want it so badly and am on the cusp of being able to do it consistently again and I just want to make that happen. Today I technically got five in, but I had to break it up into a .7 mile followed by a 4.3 mile trek because it started raining on Ellie and I at first. It did feel good to get back out there and finish it though.

Five days. Running five days a week has always been part of the routine as well. With church on Sundays Robert and I both decided that we’re going to make Saturday our long run days and change up our weekly schedule. I think the biggest factor messing with me currently is weather. It’s not that I can’t run in the rain or layer up for the wind and cold, but I can’t take Ellie out in it which means there are some days I simply am unable to get one in. However most of the time I can get Kitty to watch Ellie for an hour or so which enables me to still get out. I just have to plan ahead a little more.

Five marathons. Currently I am training for the Nashville Rock n Roll marathon at the end of April. This will be my fifth marathon in my fourth state and will allow me to scratch Tennessee off my map. I am slowly getting back into marathon training mentality on my runs which feels really good. I’m excited about this one for a few reasons. I have heard these races are really fun events to start off- I really enjoy road marathons with a good production value and the medals you earn always are high quality. Secondly this will be my first marathon since I ran Vermont in 2016 so it is about darn time I get back at it. Lastly I like Nashville. It is a fun city with lots to look at so I am sure it will be a good time. Although I would love to PR I think as long as I am sub 3:50.00 I will be happy with myself since I’m still getting back into shape.

5 races. So far I have five races in mind for 2018. The Chattanooga Half Marathon, the Nashville Rock n Roll, the Mountain Stage Race, 7 Bridges Marathon, and the Chickamauga Battlefield marathon. The half is in March and I can’t wait for it simply because I need to get back into race day mentality and it will be a good litmus test to determine where I’m at endurance wise. I am also excited because TJ and my cousin Tori are running it, too. I love sharing races with other people!!! My second race is the Rock n Roll marathon which I already discussed. The Mountain Stage Race is here in Chattanooga. It runs all three major mountains- Lookout, Raccoon, and Signal- in three consecutive days at around twenty miles each. I had planned on running it last year with Robert and Andy, but was too far along with Ellie to make that happen. After being on the sidelines there for three days last year I definitely want to take it on myself this June. The Seven Bridges Marathon is in the fall and in downtown Chattanooga. Robert and I have always just been intrigued about the course and how it runs over seven different bridges. I also think I need to complete a full marathon here. Last up is the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon Veterans’ Day weekend. I’m really excited for this one for a few reasons. We all know I love history so running in the battlefield is always fun for me because I’m learning as I’m running. I also will be able to make that state number five and scratch Georgia off the map. They also have awesome medals every year basing them off of one of the state monuments in the park. It’s a lot of mileage, but I definitely want to challenge myself after not really getting in much competitive running since the spring of 2016.

5 minutes. I never realized how grateful I could be for five minutes of peace and quiet to just be still until I became a mom. Balancing motherhood, being a wife, and maintaining a household keeps me going constantly, but I try to take a few minutes everyday to just sit quietly with Ellie sleeping on my lap and just appreciate this amazing life God has blessed me with. I could always be doing something else, but you know what… the dust will always be there, dinner will get cooked eventually, and the laundry can be brought back to life in the dryer for a few minutes. The time when I just get to be with this precious little girl- it’s fleeting- and I try to make sure I appreciate every last second I can savor.

Happy running!


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