Medal Monday

We all know that although we may not run solely for the bling getting an awesome medal as you cross the finish line is icing on the cake after accomplishing your goal. Some road races are known for their medals because of their uniqueness and that can be a factor in deciding what race you will run because there are so many to choose from. After earning the medal though you need to put it somewhere since for some odd reason wearing them around your neck everyday is socially unacceptable. Figuring out how to highlight running accomplishments and display the memories made at those events can be really tricky. Robert and I have lived in four different places since running our first marathon together which means that we have not only had to determine how our medals and race bibs would be showcased, but also where they would reside in each of our abodes. So for this #medalmonday I am revealing our displays- those we bought, were gifted, or made ourselves- and where we have them in our house.My favorite of our medal holders are the three that we made ourselves. These three displays are custom for specific races and the medals we earned from them. Two of them are for the Disney races we completed: the Dopey and Goofy Challenge. I made these for us back when we lived in New York because there were simply too many medals from those races to put on our main medal holder. These hang in our mud room now which I love because when I am putting on my sneakers before a run I look at them and get motivated to get out the door. Ellie also loves staring at these because they are so shiny she can see her reflection in them. The other display that I am loving on recently is the most recent addition to our household. Robert made a display for our medals from the Buffalo marathon, half marathon, and 5k. This display is unique for us because Robert decided to wrap the medals instead of hanging them. Our butler’s pantry is decorated with a Buffalo trend (fittingly it is also where our bar is) so we decided that we should put that medal display in there because it matches perfectly. Obviously making custom displays for every race we run is not really logical simply for wall space reasons, however for races that we do together or that result in multiple medals I think they are great options to really highlight the memories made through that experience.

We have other medal displays as well. One of them is a metal piece that says, “I crossed the line.” My brother and sister-in-law gave us this as a gift, which was a perfect idea for us. This display holds most of the medals we earned through trail runs. We decided to hang this one in our mud room as well, simply because it is next to all our running stuff so we always see them when we are heading out for a run. Our other major piece was given to us by Robert’s brother and sister-in-law (our family gets us). It says solemates on it which I love because Robert and I are all about the puns. This one holds both medals and race bibs which is a nice option for those races that go beyond the free Road ID bibs and make custom designs. We have this one on our upstairs landing.

It took us a long time to determine how and where to display our medals when we moved into or new house. This is our “grown up” house so race bibs strung around the ceiling was no longer an option like it was in our apartment. We also did not want them hanging over our mantel for all to see. We are proud of what we have done, but we also do not want to shove it down people’s throats. However our medals bring us so many memories of funny training runs, the great runcations we have gone on, and the amazing running friends we have in our life. We wanted to ensure we had our medals out in our house so that those memories were always available for us to embrace.

We are always looking for new ways to utilize our medals and race bibs. If you have a favorite way you show off your race bling let us know, we might use your idea in our home.

Happy running!


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