Single Hand Snacking

As Robert and I get back into full training mode our metabolisms always kick back into gear and it becomes a feeding frenzy in our household. On top of that I am trying to produce enough milk to keep Ellie fed. So lately I have been searching for ways take in calories that are actually going to provide me with what I need to get through the day in a quick (and usually one handed) way. I may have even jumped on the smoothie train which I never thought I would. Here’s my recent go to list of quick, but nutritious one handed snacks to help get you through an incredibly busy day and still leave you with enough energy to have a good workout. 

Everyone joked that when we became parents we could kiss sleep goodbye. Well that’s one of those obvious things everyone realizes. One thing we never thought about was that we could kiss sitting down together and eating at the same time with both of our hands available goodbye as well. Eating when we are both home is hard enough- when Robert is gone during the day I can barely find time to fill up a water bottle. Whenever I am hungry I find myself grabbing something from the pantry instead of something from the fridge simply because it is easier to have something already made. The problem with this is I am usually grabbing chips or cheeze its which leave me hungry again a half hour later. We all know that getting back into running shape requires calories! We cannot burn what we do not have so something has to change.

In order to try to curb this need for fuel I have changed a few things in my daily routine and started to be a little bit more proactive about prepping food when Robert is home. I started out my changes by incorporating better snacks in the kitchen. I have my Special K Protein bites in the pantry which are a great midmorning snack. They also can curb my craving for something sweet because I buy the chocolate peanut butter kind. These are awesome because they are really nutritious and already cut up into bite sized pieces. I can grab a handful quick with Ellie in my arm and keep moving. The other pantry item I love is Blue Diamond Almonds with Sea Salt. Almonds are one of those awesomely powerful foods that no matter what you are trying to focus on with your nutrition almonds make the list of foods you should eat to achieve that. I also like the sea salt kind because it helps me to restore some of the salt I sweat out on runs (okay, I just like the taste but doesn’t it sound better the other way). Once again this is a snack I can grab a handful of quickly that will last me for a while. I have three go to fridge snacks to get me through the day and keep my energy up- cheese sticks, apples, and hard boiled eggs. All three of these options are extremely affordable in terms of healthy snacking- which is always something I try to consider. I made a dozen hardboiled eggs over the weekend and this way Robert and I can both have one a day when we need it. This is a phenomenal way to quickly get protein into our bodies- I can also eat these one handed so it’s a mom win!


Snacks are great, but those are not enough to get me through a day of taking care of the house and Ellie, pumping, and getting in a decent run. I do not have time to sit down for a meal let alone make one most days. Cue the smoothie train.


I have always seen my fellow fitness bloggers and running friends love on smoothies. I know a lot of people swear by them, but I have never really been one to blend on my own. Now if there was a Smoothie King closer to our house I would totally frequent it, but I digress. As runners we are supposed to have bananas in our diet. I do not like bananas. Something about the texture does not bode well with me. However I know they are good for me. So I decided I would try to hide them on myself in a smoothie. It completely worked and I am so hooked. I have started this new trend really safely. I have yet to incorporate spinach or kale or anything green for that matter. I just am going basic with peanut butter banana however I can tell you that it is a great way for me to still have some semblance of a nutritious lunch throughout my busy day. I can make it the night before and have it in the fridge or I can just throw everything in the blender quickly while Ellie is in her swing. Then it is simply there for me to sip on throughout my late morning and early afternoon. I feel full afterward and am frequenting the pantry much less often after I get this in my system. I think I may try to incorporate other recipes into my smoothie routine, but for right now I am content with the simple concoction I have to get what I need. Here is the super easy recipe I use:


If you are looking for some healthier snacking options I obviously recommend everything I have listed above. I think the biggest part of all of this is planning ahead though. If you can meal prep on the weekends (or even snack prep) it will encourage you to eat better throughout the day because it is easier if it is already pre made so you can just grab and go. If you are like me it will also encourage you to eat the healthier options because I do not like wasting money. If I buy the fruit I am going to eat it before the processed food in the pantry because I do no want it to go bad and land up throwing money in the garbage. Do you have your own affordable healthy snack or smoothie recipe that is your go to? Let me know in the comments, I am always looking for new ideas so I am not eating the same thing each day.

Happy Running!


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