Race Day Outfit

When it comes to race day Robert always reminds me to never try anything new (unless it’s food and you’re really craving it at the aid station, then you give the body what it wants). I never count my race day outfit when considering his sage advice. When I am trail racing the only outfit decisions I make are what trucker hat I’m wearing and what Orange Mud pack I will be utilizing. Road running is a completely different story though. For every marathon since our first I have always had some sort of race day specific shirt that is emblematic of either that race or something significant happening in my life at the time. With my next marathon in April I need to start thinking about what my race day outfit will look like this year. I need some help!

So for long distances my go to for shorts are this one pair of Nike spandex that have worked really well in the past with preventing chafing. I tend to try to not fix what isn’t broken. However I did wear a skirt over them once at the Disney Marathon because I had a Jessie costume on. That was the only run I have ever done in a skirt although I do know a lot of women love to wear them. I am not opposed to trying them- at least for road races- but I just don’t feel like buying one when I have shorts that work.

When it comes to socks and a tank top though I’m open to suggestions for this year’s runs. I have both the Chattanooga Half Marathon and Rock n Roll Nashville this spring. So I’m thinking of either doing a country theme or a new momma theme. Both would obviously be appropriate, I just haven’t found something that I absolutely love yet. I usually buy my shirts off of an Etsy shop, but am contemplating using Raw Threads just because they can still be thematic but also have sweat wicking material. In the past I have celebrated our wedding (Buffalo Marathon 2015), God just being awesome (Vermont City Marathon 2016), Belle (Disney Half Marathon 2016), Jessie (Disney Marathon 2016), and being pregnant with my race day outfits. So now what? Sweating for the Wedding Tank

I need an idea! I also would love to incorporate some snazzy socks into the ensemble and/or a cute headband. So I need thoughts on not only a theme but also any companies that make great stuff for race day. However I’m also trying to be budget friendly so keeping that in mind with recommendations would be quite helpful! I am not as amazing an athlete as Jessie Graff, but I would like to look as coordinated as she does competing on ANW each summer. Please help me update my running wardrobe because looking cute is half the battle.

Happy running!


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