Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

February has started which means that Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it. If you are one of those people who adamantly state that Valentine’s Day is just a holiday for the greeting card companies please take your grumpy self elsewhere. For those of you who love an excuse to get excited for something as winter drags on here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the runner in your life or yourself if you are like me and just like to be festive. 

Now I love Christmas, but holidays in general make me happy. I truly enjoy decorating my house for each one- ask Robert about all the bins of decorations he had to move each time we changed our abodes and he will shake his head at me. I love sending people cards- yes for holidays other than Christmas. I also love baking appropriately festive desserts and dressing up for that holiday. I completely understand that I am a marketer’s dream in this sense, but I am fine with it. I think holidays have just always been a way to get through bad weather. If you think about it most fall during snow season in Buffalo. The only two I can think of that have lacked snow are Father’s Day and the Fourth of July… no I am not kidding. Holidays also just provide the opportunity to make other people smile and be a part of a community. You know that when you pass a stranger wearing a green shirt on St. Patty’s Day whilst you don your shamrock headband you smile because in that moment you share a bond and that is something pretty cool in our world.

So here are some Valentine’s Day themed gift ideas for the runner in your life which most definitely includes yourself!

  1. A Better World Running‘s Valentine’s Day virtual race 79c6f7_1624f51e6a65444ba867380f89125246mv2_d_1536_2048_s_2
    • Choose from a 5k, 10k, 15k, or half marathon for $14.99. Run the distance, submit your time, and get a Valentine’s Day themed medal. I’m thinking about doing this myself so I can use the medal as a Valentine’s Day decoration next year. I also think this would be an adorable activity for a couple who is long distance to do “together” but apart on the holiday.
  2. Any of the Sweaty Bands Valentine’s Day collection. They have a bunch of adorable patterns for the holiday. My favorite is the conversation hearts. slim-candy-hearts-sweaty-bands-496187375635_800x
  3. Something from the Valentine’s Day collection at GoneForARun. You could have socks that match your headband and really be styling. My favorite item from the collection is definitely the heart performance capris. They even have a preassembled Love to Run gift set to make your gift selection super simple. tr-37438
  4. Part of the Brooks Valentine’s Day Collection. I recommend the socks or heart t-shirt because to me getting someone a pair of running shoes is risky.
  5. A Valentine’s Day runner card from a shop on Etsy. I bought Robert a card from this shop in the past, but there are others that make cute ones as well. il_570xn-910803684_1wyr

So there it is. I hope you feel inspired to share some running love with others this month.

Happy Running!


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