Never Have I Ever… Running Edition

I recently stumbled across an image of a runner’s Never Have I Ever checklist in one of the running groups I am a part of. It made Robert and I laughed when we went through the list and thought about all the funny moments, amazing adventures, and items we still want to check off our bucket list. The game was out of 20 points and I guess lowest score “wins” however in this case that simply depends on how you look at it. Here are my results from the game. Play along and see how many points you accrue.


Been Lost While Running: I have definitely experienced this on trails, especially when trying out a new place for the first time. I have also taken wrong turns at races when markings were not clear (or I blindly followed the person in front of me). The only time I had to pull out my Strava map to retrace my steps and get home though was the time I ran the Chickamauga Battlefield alone. I got so engrossed reading the monuments I became all turned around and had absolutely no idea how to get back to my car!

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 6.51.16 AM
Obviously I was having too much fun to be concerned that I was lost.

Lost a Toenail: Compliments of the Vermont City Marathon. However this was probably my own fault because I decided to wear my Injinji’s to prevent blisters, but I never wore those on long runs and didn’t realize how much extra room the little bit of extra material took up in my shoe.

Ran Away from a Dog: Yes (and I am not talking about one on a leash or behind a fence just barking). I will not go on a rant about this right now, but seriously people keep your dogs at bay.

Been Kicked off a Treadmill: Due to my disdain for running on them I highly doubt I will ever accrue this point.

Ran a Beer Mile: Well of course, how else could we have started our wedding weekend?

(29 of 261)
We have the greatest friends (and shoutout to mom and dad for letting us use the backyard).

Peed in a Bush on a Run: I’m a trail runner- what other option do I have?

Got a Watch Tan: Every summer like clockwork (and obviously that pun was intended).

Used a 13.1 as Practice: This sounds pompous. However most marathon training plans actually instruct you to do this. When you are running more than that consistently as a long run it is nice to break up training with a race atmosphere.

Asked a Stranger About Shoes: Nope. I am not a typical runner when it comes to running shoes. I really do not pay much attention to what is coming out or anything unless I am looking for a new pair. Even at that point I just ask Robert for suggestions. The only time I really notice them on others is if they are a pretty color scheme.

Started a Run Before 4 AM: The run itself- no. However, I have had to get up before 4:00 to make it to the start line on time for the Disney Half and Full Marathons so this is a close one.

Ran Circles to Meet a Goal: Yes. No matter where we have lived every neighbor we have ever had must think I am crazy for the amount of circles I run in my driveway. When we lived in our first apartment there was actually a tree with a circular sidewalk surrounding it between two buildings that made this task even more comical because everyone could look out their windows and just watch you acting like a hamster in a ball.


Ate Lunch While Running: This is another example of a statement where it depends on how you want to read it (much like a strict or loose interpretation of the Constitution for all my history lovers out there). Have I eaten enough calories in small snacks to qualify as lunch? Absolutely. Have I ever had an actual meal while running? No. So I am going to refrain from taking this point.

Lied so You Could Go on a Run: Not proud of this one, but yes I may have stretched the truth once or twice to change/cancel plans because I was unable to get a run in or the weather was just too beautiful not to run. Most of my friends probably knew why I needed that extra hour and a half to get ready anyway.

Complained About Knees: and hips, and ankles, and back, and feet… and ALL the CHAFING

Recruited New Runners: The word recruited makes this sound very official. However I definitely think I have encouraged people to start running who may have been wry to try it in the past.

Owned 10 Shoes at Once: Currently I have 7 pairs of running shoes strewn throughout the house. However some of them are retired, one is a pair of trail shoes, and two are just used for special occasions because they are too beautiful (my Brooks Nantucket and Shamrock pair). I’m not sure I have ever accrued 10 at once (but I am obviously just talking running shoes here).

Ran a Marathon: I have run four and hope to complete number five in April!

Our very first marathon!

Ran an Ultra: I am playing with the idea of trying a 50k out in the fall. I think it is the most logical step I just have to get up the nerve to make the jump.

Thought About Leadville: I was extremely jealous of Robert for being able to be there with our friend Andy this summer as he attempted to complete the race. I would love to go watch it, and obviously I would love to challenge myself to complete it. There are definitely times on a run when I’m climbing when I think to myself okay its like climbing Hope Pass although I know in all actuality it is NOTHING like that.

Carb Loaded without a Race: I just call this eating.

Alright so if you have been following along that is 14 TRUE points. I would love to know how many you get and if any really great memories come about when you’re thinking about this list. Hopefully you had as much fun going through it as we did.

Happy Running!


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