Ultra Mindset #6 – The 4:30 AM Rule


It’s been a very long time since I’ve written an article. Shortly before my hiatus, I was in the midst of a multi-part series on Travis Macy’s book, The Ultra Mindset. Mindset number six is entitled, the 4:30 AM rule. My initial reason to delay writing on this article was due to the fact that I myself wasn’t truly living it. Then life got in the way and the short planned hiatus quickly turned into an extended unplanned absence. Well, I’ve been living this principal through and through lately so there is no better time than now to ramp back up and tell people about it.

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Once A Runner

After years of Robert building it up for me I finally read his favorite book, Once a Runner by John L. Parker. Let me emphasize that it is his favorite book ever by telling you that we have two copies of this book in our house- just in case. So after all the build up did the book live up to the glorified status he has always elevated it to? I don’t think so. Not for me- but it might be the book for you. Let me explain why. 9825081-ekumte3l



These are the two DIFFERENT versions of the book we have on our book shelf. 



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The Girl Who Ran- Book Review

Robert’s cousin Megan bought Thunderfoot the book The Girl Who Ran by Frances Poletti and Kristina Yee, back in August. When I first saw the book I thought well that is so appropriate, a children’s book about running. Then I realized it was about Bobbi Gibb, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon (although she technically was not allowed to do so). After reading the book to Ellie I can honestly say as a mother, runner, history lover, and female I think this is an amazing book to read to any child, but even more so if you are a runner parent and hope to share that passion with your children! 9781943200474

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A Decade On

Last Saturday Robert and I went to see the documentary A Decade On, brought to Chattanooga by our local Fleet Feet store. The movie was produced by the Ginger Runner, Ethan Newberry, who is an ultra marathon runner himself. The story follows Brian Morrison’s attempt at finishing the Western States 100 mile ultra marathon race after being unable to do so in the past. In 2006 he had been in first place at the race,  but collapsed as he rounded the last quarter of a mile getting a DNF, although he said he preferred to say he was disqualified since he technically completed the race by being supported over the finish line.  Continue reading

McFarland USA


Last week I finally got to watch the recently made Disney movie McFarland USA. The movie is about coach Jim Wright’s, played by Kevin Costner, journey to a small undesirable city in California. The high school he begins working at serves the largely Latino farming population of the city. He does not last long as the football coach and begins to notice the ability of the students at the school to run miles at a time without any thought. He discovers that the state of California is holding its first ever state cross country meet that year and is able to convince seven of the boys at the school to run for him. Continue reading