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Abigail’s Watch: The Garmin Forerunner 15

I received this watch as a Christmas gift from Robert and I could not be happier with it. This is my second GPS watch and it is extremely user friendly.

Watch Features

The face of the watch is not huge, but can easily be read while I am running (even without my glasses on). I have never run with a heart rate monitor on and do not use that feature of this watch, but the watch does have the capability to connect with one if you want to use it. Another feature of the watch is the activity tracker which can be used to record your steps and calories burned throughout the day. I do not use this feature so will obviously not be providing any details on it besides that it is available on the watch. The watch itself has the time, date, total time of run, distance in miles or kilometers, pace, and calories burned. You can choose any two of the options to be displayed together while running, which I find is easier to do on the computer with the Garmin connect then on the watch itself, but is a nice feature because you can customize it to what is important to you on the run. You can also switch between screens during the run to see the other stats by simply pushing the button on the lower right of the watch. The top right button is the your way of searching for GPS and starting and stopping you run. The search for the GPS loads in a bar so you can see the progress and it does beep when it finds the signal. For the most part it takes no more than a minute and half at the very longest for me to get a signal no matter where I am or what the weather is like. The button on the top left is for the backlight on the watch which stays on for five seconds before turning off and light up the screen really well. The watch has an auto-stop function, which I just turned on and did not utilize it in my long run on Sunday, so I will keep you posted on the functionality of that feature. The watch also has the capability to have an auto-pace function. The watch can be set to your ideal pace and it will beep to notify you if you are under or over pace. I have yet to use this feature, but have run with a friend who has it on. I do not recommend it when you are not specifically trying to stay on a pace because it will keep beeping which makes a trail run even harder. However, on a pace run I think it would be a great feature to utilize because it will truly keep you where you want to be. Lastly when you stop the watch it provides you with the option to resume, save, or discard the run. I love the save function on this watch for a few reasons. One it is much simpler than my last watch where I had to compress the button for a few seconds to get it to save. Secondly, when you choose to save it the watch will not only scroll through the states of your entire run, but will also notify you of your fastest mile or 5k time completed throughout the history of your use of the watch and your longest distance if you have achieved any of those during the run. Although this is not vital it is a nice little reminder of the little victories when I am training and helps me keep my goals in mind for myself. Lastly the battery life on the watch is very pleasing to me. It has lasted me through an entire 4.5 hour marathon with battery life to spare, which is super important to me because I hated when my old watch would die at mile 22.

Garmin Connect 

Garmin has a great online option for recording data from your watch. You simply download the free application from the Garmin website and then it syncs all the information from your watch into your profile which is simple to create. It keeps track of all of your runs with maps of them based on the GPS locations, and allows you to make comments next to them. For the runners who love looking back on their runs this a great tool to use to log your performances as long as you consistently use your watch. At the top of your profile it tells you your overall performance stats for the last twelve months which include your total number of runs, total distance, elevation gain, and time spent running. It is a very user friendly website that has tons of capabilities on it which I have not taken full advantage of, however the Garmin website has numerous videos on the website that are super descriptive and useful to understanding the watch and the website.

Overall I love this watch and I am so happy I have it. It has great functionalities and does not require a lot of time to set up.


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