Dear Doctor…

As any athlete knows injuries really take a number on us both physically and mentally. By the time I will admit that there is an issue going on I am usually pretty far into the pain spectrum and a doctor needs to get involved before I am back to 100%. Going to the doctor means admitting to myself there is something serious going on that is not going to magically fix itself. It also means paying money to allow myself to be able to be fit and active to benefit my longterm health (I love high deductible health care plans). So it absolutely infuriates me when I walk into a doctor’s office and the first thing that pops out of the MD’s mouth is… “Well you really shouldn’t run.” Awesome. Thanks doc you really put a lot of effort in to that diagnosis. So finding the right doctor is all too important as an athlete because it allows us to feel comfortable not only when fixing that injury we let fester for far too long, but also in preventative care to maybe alleviate issues down the road. So to all the doctors out there listen up- we want to come see you, we want to not be injured- so stop making it so gosh darn difficult. Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 9.30.22 AM

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

February has started which means that Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it. If you are one of those people who adamantly state that Valentine’s Day is just a holiday for the greeting card companies please take your grumpy self elsewhere. For those of you who love an excuse to get excited for something as winter drags on here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the runner in your life or yourself if you are like me and just like to be festive.  Continue reading

Once A Runner

After years of Robert building it up for me I finally read his favorite book, Once a Runner by John L. Parker. Let me emphasize that it is his favorite book ever by telling you that we have two copies of this book in our house- just in case. So after all the build up did the book live up to the glorified status he has always elevated it to? I don’t think so. Not for me- but it might be the book for you. Let me explain why. 9825081-ekumte3l



These are the two DIFFERENT versions of the book we have on our book shelf. 



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Race Day Outfit

When it comes to race day Robert always reminds me to never try anything new (unless it’s food and you’re really craving it at the aid station, then you give the body what it wants). I never count my race day outfit when considering his sage advice. When I am trail racing the only outfit decisions I make are what trucker hat I’m wearing and what Orange Mud pack I will be utilizing. Road running is a completely different story though. For every marathon since our first I have always had some sort of race day specific shirt that is emblematic of either that race or something significant happening in my life at the time. With my next marathon in April I need to start thinking about what my race day outfit will look like this year. I need some help! Continue reading

I Am Not a Healthy Eater

I wouldn’t consider myself to be someone who follows any particular diet. I appreciate the idea of clean eating and love a good salad, but put beer and a plate of nachos in front of me and I’m as happy as a clam. I grew up in a household that always had potato chips and soda around and I would say I turned out okay. However the more I find myself incorporating healthier choices into my daily routine the more I notice when I decide on the not as nutritional option instead. Especially now as I am trying to produce milk for Ellie and get back my mileage back up the food choices I make and the effects they have on my body have become much more noticeable.

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Single Hand Snacking

As Robert and I get back into full training mode our metabolisms always kick back into gear and it becomes a feeding frenzy in our household. On top of that I am trying to produce enough milk to keep Ellie fed. So lately I have been searching for ways take in calories that are actually going to provide me with what I need to get through the day in a quick (and usually one handed) way. I may have even jumped on the smoothie train which I never thought I would. Here’s my recent go to list of quick, but nutritious one handed snacks to help get you through an incredibly busy day and still leave you with enough energy to have a good workout.  Continue reading

Medal Monday

We all know that although we may not run solely for the bling getting an awesome medal as you cross the finish line is icing on the cake after accomplishing your goal. Some road races are known for their medals because of their uniqueness and that can be a factor in deciding what race you will run because there are so many to choose from. After earning the medal though you need to put it somewhere since for some odd reason wearing them around your neck everyday is socially unacceptable. Figuring out how to highlight running accomplishments and display the memories made at those events can be really tricky. Robert and I have lived in four different places since running our first marathon together which means that we have not only had to determine how our medals and race bibs would be showcased, but also where they would reside in each of our abodes. So for this #medalmonday I am revealing our displays- those we bought, were gifted, or made ourselves- and where we have them in our house. Continue reading